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Monthly Tuesday Mini-Workshops 4-6PM (see dates)
Saturday Multi-Week Classes 10am-Noon

River Park Community Center, 301 11th Street North, Naples, FL 

Come have fun, laugh and learn the basic rules of Improvisational Comedy. Try a 2-hour Mini Improv workshop or join ongoing weekly classes to learn new games and practice skills you can apply to everyday life. Contact Margot Escott at (239) 216-3931 or use the “Contact” page on this site.

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Improv for Therapists Workshop

Call 239-216-3931 for next scheduled class
River Park Community Center, 301 11th Street North, Naples, FL 

Join Margot Escott for this free introductory workshop for therapists to introduce using improv comedy into the therapeutic process. This exciting “alternative” therapy is gaining recognition with therapists nationally and internationally.

Here’s what people are saying about the workshop: “Thank you Margot Escott LCSW for a fantastic Improv for Therapists Workshop! You created a wonderfully safe environment for all of us to really step outside our comfort zone.” – K.F.

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Toastmasters Improv WorkshopImprov comedy isn’t just for laughs anymore. Improv Comedy Techniques are being used in the corporate world, schools and institutions to help people gain more self-confidence, enhance their speaking skills and just have a good time.

Improv for Toastmasters workshops will teach you:

  • The “yes, and…” concept and how to use it in daily life and as a Toastmaster
  • The basic “rules of Improv” and how they help build a better speech
  • Additional tools for your communication toolkit
  • How to stimulate creativity
  • Speaking is collaborative; Improv utilizes partners, audience
  • How Improv sharpens your listening skills

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BGC-MARGOT-AND-KIDS-EBullying isn’t reserved for the playground alone; it can happen to anyone at any time. Being confronted with bullying can occur in the neighborhood, in school and on the playground as easily as it can happen to adults in the workplace.! Bullies can’t do their thing in safe spaces. Improvisational space – listening, accepting, supporting, taking risks and celebrating failure – is safe space. It doesn’t have to be on a stage.

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Margot Escott has been teaching and performing improv professionally in Southwest Florida for the past five years. For over twenty-five years, she has presented workshops and seminars on “Therapeutic Value of Humor and Play” on a national level. Margot graduated from the New York University School of Social Work in 1983 and have lived and practiced in Naples since 1984.

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