Play Isn’t Just for Kids-Improv for people with Parkinson’s Disease

You don’t have to want to be a performer on stage to learn improv games! We can play them just for the fun of it. There is growing research on the therapeutic benefits of Improvisational Theatre Games for people with PD. The Neurology Department of Northwestern University has partnered with Second City since 2015 researching the benefits of teaching improv to people with PD and their caregivers. Their research showed that improvisational theatre games help to cultivate focus, improve communication, and promote well- being. Link to research article: Laughter is the best medicine: The Second City improvisation as an intervention for Parkinson’s disease 

Neuroscience shows that the act of play is very important for adults. In the aging process, thinking may become rigid. Improvisational exercises help open up creativity and reconnect individuals with their playful, joyful selves again.

Parkinson’s Disease can be isolating not only for the individual with PD but the family as well. In this four-week class, participants will work with partners and in small groups to play a variety of improv exercises each week. while learning about improvisational theatre principles. We work with partners and in small groups. In these lively classes, participants get a chance to express themselves non-verbally through movement and music activities.  To aid in cognition and memory skills, improvisational games present fun challenges to solve.

Classes held Tuesdays starting November 7. From 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

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