Assael Romanelli MSW-Improv for Therapists

Assael Romanelli, MSW is an improviser/therapist who recently published his PhD research study on training therapists in improvisation skills.

Listen to how Assael’s path in improvisation theatre, psychotherapy and education led him to this groundbreaking research. Hear about the ways in which these disciplines come together to create a new, synergistic training which can help generate healing and growth processes for the individual and relationship.

“Theater improvisation skills increase spontaneity, animation and co-creation with the other, as well as enhance immediacy skills. This pilot study examines the effects of theater improvisation skills training on therapists’ perceptions of therapy and their subsequent clinical interventions.”

Assael will be a featured speaker at the “Yes, and Mental Health Conference” in Chicago September 2017, teaching “Improv for Therapists”.

You can reach Assael at: