Buddy LeWayne McQueen Native American Improviser

LeWayne McQueenWhat a great joy meeting LeWayne McQueen. He is one of very few Native American improvisers in the U.S. I know you’ll enjoy his great energy and humor as much as I did! One of the things he loves to do with Deboope Newe to put his urban Indian culture into the improv itself, put some language, and sometimes singing on display. His mother passed when he was 18, after seeing him compete in the first annual four directions talent competition.  We talk about how this loss changed him. He ran his own independent improv show and class for eight years before the pandemic started. He performs with Mancandy, a musical improv show that fluctuates between full musicals and improv musical review style shows.

Buddy’s training is in Harold, Group mind, character, and space work. Also, the movie form, the Donnelly speed Harold, Armando Diez, and now officially the Bat. Online he’s in an international Bat team called THE UNWATCHABLES taught by Joe Bill with improvisers from Peru and Central, Europe, and one New Yorker. We performed in the socially distanced improv festival on March 15th. He’s also trained under Paul Mattingly and Liz Allen. Buddy has published three books for kids and adults. Diaper Donny, The Lonely Potato and Bullies, all can be found by searching LeWayne McQueen on Amazon. He’s a University of Nevada Las Vegas film graduate and spent a partial year failing as an 11th grade English teacher. Buddy was part of the award-winning show Alibi Las Vegas. The Show was written by the talented writer of Penn and Tellers, Matt Donnelly.

For more info about Buddy check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BuDeMcQueen

Facebook@Buddymcqueenjr for deboope newe,
@buddymcqueenjr on TikTok
upcoming appearances include the improbubble in Central Europe and 
https://copodco.com/pretend-this-didnt-happen/ will feature The Unwatchables in the upcoming season. 

You can also find him many Sundays singing with our mutual friend, Faustino Solis Musical Improv Workshops

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