Colin Mochrie – Actor, Comedian, Improviser & Author – Canadian National Treasure

Colin Mochrie

My most important professional accomplishment to date is the ability to keep working with absolutely no skills whatsoever.” Colin Mochrie

An improviser always says yes and how grateful I am that the terrific Colin Mochrie said yes to sharing his story on Improv Interviews with all of us!  Colin is, of course, best known for being in the cast of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” which aired first in the UK and then with Drew Carey in the states. Colin and I met at the premiere of the film Act Social Film directed by Sean Mulvihill which Colin also stars in.  had a lot of laughs during our chat and I discovered what a genuinely authentic and loving person he is.

He shares wonderful stories of his life as an improviser, comedian, and devoted family man. Although I thought we would only have a half-hour, we ended up speaking for an hour and even playing an improv game! Check out The Alphabet Game with Colin & Margot

Colin & Margot Play The Alphabet Game from margot on Vimeo.

Margot and Colin

Colin was born in Scotland and the family moved to Montreal, Canada, and then Vancouver in 1969. It was there he met his great friend, Ryan Stiles where they both studied improv at the Vancouver Theatresports. Colin set up an Improv Scholarship at VTS and that’s just one example of his generosity and big heart. He then moved to Toronto where he studied at the Second City, meeting his wife Debra McGrath. He toured with Second City Toronto and directed the touring company, and has been in several films, tv shows and authored several books.

Colin has so many accomplishments it would be impossible to include them all here. If you want to see Colin today, check out his weekly online show with Brad Sherwood, at Live in your home Colin & Brad I’ve seen the show a few times and it is hysterical!  

If you love Colin and improv as I do, you’ll find this interview a real treat!

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