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Dr Jeanne LeepEpisode 165 Dr. Jeanne Leep. Meet the brilliant author and professor, Dr. Jeanne Leep. Jeanne played improv in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Theatre.
I had the good fortune to play with Jeanne recently and was awed by her spontaneity and joy. She went to high school with our mutual friend Jay Sukow and then went on to the University of Michigan and Wayne State College. Her best-selling book, “Theatrical Improvisation: Short Form, Long Form, and Sketch-Based Improv” is a classic book on the history of improv and sketch comedy that clearly defines this often ambiguous topic. The forward was written by Jeanne’s friend Keegan Michael Key.

Her research is extensive and this is certainly a book to add to your Improv Library. Brimming with original interviews from leaders in the field such as Ron West, Charna Halpern, John Sweeny, and Margaret Edwartowski, Theatrical Improvisation presents straightforward improvisational theory, history, and trends.

She is a Professor of Theatre Arts at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin and her students are fortunate to have her wisdom and humor.

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