Eric Fisher

Meet Eric Fisher, a mindful improviser! Though Eric’s younger years were heavily involved improv and the arts, his career has been in design and technology. After studying computer graphics and psychology at UPenn, he spent over a decade designing apps and online communities in addition to working at Facebook, Apple and Google in Silicon Valley.

After his own successful experience with therapy, he dove back into participating in casual improv groups, quickly realizing how his own mindfulness training made all the difference. Not only was he a far better improvisor, but more importantly he became so much more aware of its core values in life and the various difficulties people face with it.

For the last few years, he’s been trying to bring about more mainstream education in the space by hosting improv workshops or giving talks based on his own social design-oriented background and therapy experience. His organization, TruePlace, provides MindfulImprov, an online community for practitioners of improv with mental health and self improvement in mind.