Improv Legend Paul Vaillancourt

What a thrill and an honor it was chatting with  Improv Legend Paul Vaillancourt on our latest episode of Improv Interviews. Paul is a wonderful improviser and coach and wrote the book “The Triangle of the Scene” A very practical and easy-to-read method for approaching improvisational You can buy it here:​.
This was such a wonderful experience as Paul is a truly sweet person. We even did a scene together as he is also so generous! Paul is a writer, actor, director, producer, and most of all improvisor who has been teaching and performing improv across the country for more than 35 years.

He is a graduate of the Comedy Sportz Training Program in Virginia, the Second City Training Center in Chicago as well as the legendary iO in Chicago where he had the rare opportunity to study under the legendary Del Close. After his group, Bitter Noah was selected to perform their signature piece, the Improvised Movie, at the US Comedy Arts festival Paul moved to Los Angeles and founded the iO West where he has been teaching, directing, and performing (both written and improvised shows) ever since. During his time in Hollywood Paul has become a sought-after improv coach, producer, writer, and consultant working with many TV networks including Fox, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, History, and Bravo to name a few. Subscribe to his amazing YouTube channel PV at:​. His Improv Tips are short, powerful, and easily digestible clips to help develop all sorts of improv tools. He also has a great series about games for Harold as well as other great video resources. Follow Paul here on Facebook or IG and on Twitter @whatsupwithpv, CLICK HERE


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