“Improv Talk” with Ellen Schnur

I was fortunate to meet Ellen Schnur at the Yes, and Mental Health Conference held at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, September 2017! We recently reconnect through Beth Boynton, and the seminars Beth has been co-hosting with Ellen on Medical Improv. Ellen and Landon and I did a fun improv scene that you can see here.
Ellen is passionate about experiential learning and helping everyone on the team to “Be the Difference” and work better together. After 25 years in business and training, she grew tired of the endless PowerPoints and toxic cultures. She dared herself to take classes at 2nd City – fell head over heels with improv and moved on to iO and many other theaters. She began studying Applied Improvisation and best practices in leadership, team, and work cultures. Ellen is now Chief Possibility Officer at her company, ImprovTalk, Inc. and collaborates with Jim Mecir, ten year MLB veteran pitcher, born with a club foot, who is the most resilient and inspiring teammate she has ever met.

Their most recent adventure – they are running 7th Inning Stretches for companies, giving teams time to take a break, connect, and have some fun together, gaining some resiliency tools along the way. Ellen is currently on the Board of Directors of the Applied Improvisation Network, is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), and when she is not working with companies she is in two improv troupes in Chicago and having a blast! Thanks again to our engineer and sometimes participant Landon Kirksey! I know you’re going to enjoy this interview! Learn more about Ellen Schnur through the links below: Business Improv – ImprovTalk In Action (Video) ImprovTalk.com   ImprovTalk on WGN Morning Bell (15:02) You might want to listen to my fascinating discussions with other improv teachers and innovators including Emma Bird and Peter Margaritis *Improv Interviews podcast‘ is introduced by Susan L. Parker of yourinternationalvoice.com

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