Jonathan Nguyen and Britain’s all Asian improv ensemble “Comediasians”

Jonathan NguyenJon Nguyen is an improviser living in Norwich, England. He is a beloved improviser and teacher and has trained with various improv companies such as Dogface Improv, The Nursery, the Maydays, Hoopla Impro, and numerous independent coaches worldwide. Jon’s parents came to the UK in the 1970s after the Vietnam war. He discusses being bullied because of his “difference” and how that helped him develop a great sense of humor and his commitment to education with groups like BIPOC. Jon believes  it is the responsibility of those who understand their privilege to help others see it and how they can affect the world in a positive way whether they are young or older minds.


He performs with the Comediasians, Britain’s all Asian improv ensemble, Wretched Hive Comedy a Star Wars based comedy troupe, The Improvised play a full-length theatrical play improvised on the spot, Michelle the Hoopla scenes house team, and Unbridled the Nursery original based on the works of authors like Jilly Cooper. He currently teaches with the Nursery / Maydays online and coaches independently. Jon believes in fun, inclusion, and connectivity. He loves to weave all of that throughout all his workshops, shows, and life in general Be sure and visit his FaceBook page where he does 10 minutes scenes with friends around the world.

And here are the other links where you can see the remarkable Jon Nguyen.

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