Katy Schutte – Improviser – Writer – Maker – Performer – Episode 146

Katy SchutteEPISODE 146 Meet the fabulous Katy Schutte. Katy is a well-respected improviser, comedian, director, teacher, and author and we had an in-depth dialogue about her career. We spoke about her philosophy on improv and life and our mutual challenges with anxiety. Her book, The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook” has been an essential read for improvisers around the world. One of my favorite quotes from this fascinating chat is,

“Our career shouldn’t be a ladder but an open playing space.”

She trained in Drama at the University of Hull before finding her true passion at iO Chicago, Second City Chicago, and with teachers from The Annoyance Theatre, UCB, and other world-class improv training schools. Katy was been a member of the award-winning improv company The Maydays since their founding year in 2004. She performed in a “twoprov” with Rachel Blackman for over a decade and performs in the science-fiction show Project2.

Katy is a Funny Women Finalist and has written and starred in several acclaimed live comedy shows including Schutte the Unromantic and Who Ya Gonna Call? (the Ghostbusters fan-tribute musical). You can often catch her in TV commercials and nerdy comedy shows. Katy lives in London and teaches and performs all over the world. “Our career shouldn’t be a ladder but an open playing space” Be sure to watch her terrific Musical Improv with the Maydays in 2017 to see how remarkable she is!   Click the links below to learn more about Katy

Visit my website where I speak to today’s leading innovators of improv. My guests are improvisers and therapists from all over the world who share their stories and offer insight into the unique ways they use improv. Our Audio Editor for Improv Interviews is Bright Su. You may enjoy hearing from improv teachers and innovators including Colin Mochrie and David Pasquesi 

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