Marshall Stern – Zenprov Master

Meet Marshall Stern who is an Author, Teacher, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Radio Host, Podcast Host, Musician, Actor, Songwriter, World Traveler and Improvisational Comedian and a self proclaimed living example of ADHD in action! Marshall is the author of 2 books, Meet the Buddha Kill the Buddha and Practical Buddhism Lectures. Marshall is also hosts the podcast Zenprov with his partner Nancy Howland Walker.

Marshall and Nancy Howland Walker’s Zenprov Podcast:
(Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker host a series of podcasts about the art of Improvisational Acting in general and Zenprov, how Zen thought relates and helps you as an actor, in particular.)
More about Marshall Stern:
Marshall’s Linkedin

Books by Marshall Stern:

Meet The Buddha Kill The Buddha  
Lectures: Practical Buddhism Lectures

Margot Escott’s Improv Interviews are recorded at 
MasterTrax Recording Studio
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Bonita Springs, FL

Produced by Patrice Shields

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