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Mary DeMicheleMary DeMichele has been a pioneer in researching the use of improv for teens who’ve experienced trauma. We met at the premiere of the film Act Social, by Sean Mulivil. How can improv be less overwhelming and scary for the beginner? This is the question that has defined Mary’s 25-year career. Mary is the creator of  One Rule Improv a — research-based and trauma-informed — accessible approach to learning, teaching, and applying improv, so people can bring the benefits of improv into their lives quickly and easily.

Mary is an educator, consultant, speaker, and author,  who has helped thousands of people take those first critical steps in the world of improv through her work in education, in both clinical and professional settings. She is featured in the documentary, “Act Social-Using YES AND to Save the World from Within,” starring Colin Mochrie of the television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” Psychology Today and Forbes. Mary is the author of books, published research, articles, and her blog and courses at DeMichele earned her bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and master’s degree from Syracuse University. She is a certified academic and special needs teacher. Her enthusiasm for her work can be heard by her voice. Learn more about Mary DeMichelle: One Rule Improv: or DeMichele, M. (2015). Improv and ink: Increasing individual writing fluency with collaborative improv.

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