Mithra Vankipuram – Explorer and Movement Artist

Mithra Vankipuram I first saw Mithra Vankipuram on Jay Sukow’s podcast and she blew me away. We had such a great chat and she speaks openly about her journey in the arts and in engineering! Two quotes from her that I really love are “to remember to suspend disbelief” and “improv lives in the eyes”. Mithra and I talk about the challenges of “performing for the audience,” and seeking approval as opposed to seeing them as a part of the environment. As she said, “My job in improv is being receptive to information around, opening my body and mind to all possibilities.”

Throughout our Zoom visit, she was constantly moving, jumping, and dancing which inspired me to do so as well! If you’d like to see our video, please visit my Youtube channel Mithra has studied with Ruth Zaporah, who teaches action theater at  Action Theater. Action Theater is an improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. She’s also trained with Joya Cory on Full-spectrum improvisation at Full Spectrum Improvisation. I invite you to check out both of these teachers! If you don’t know Mithra yet you are in for a treat!

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