Phillip Faisse A Las Vegas native Phil Faiss is a truly inspiring person. We played together last year in The Best Improv Class ever and also did a scene with our mutual friend, Jay Sukow. We laughed so much during this chat and even did a scene together!  His introduction to theatre was in high school in “The Diary of Anne Frank”. He soon discovered that musical comedy was his favorite genre and hasn’t stopped. He later realized that his high school drama teacher actually was teaching improv games. He shares his journey including working at Walt Disney World and talking to guests in the Tiki room. A wonderful story of his friends at Disney who worked on productions at an empty theatre after hours including “Sweeney Todd”. 

Be sure to check out “Netflix and Phil” where he chats with other improvisers and is so much fun! CLICK FOR PLAYLIST

Be sure to check out his marvelous work here:

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