Rich Baker Improv Made Easier

Rich BakerRich Baker is the author of the book Improv Made Easier and host/creator of the YouTube show Improv Breakdown, Rich Baker has performed all over the U.S. with The Second CityComedySportz ChicagoMission Improvable, and his festival headlining duo with Rolland Lopez, Rollin’ In Riches. Corporations and organizations hire him to put on workshops and keynote talks about team building and creativity through his company Play Like a Team ( He’s also the director of the award-winning web series Third Shift on Amazon Prime. And he currently teaches improv to students from all over the world online with Rich Baker Coaching. Check out everything Rich has going on at  Rich Baker is one of my favorite improv coaches. I learned about his classes through our mutual friend, Shirley Wainess. He is a genius improviser, coach, and writer. He is the author of “Improv Made Easier” at
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