Stephanie Rae and The Black Improv Alliance

Stephanie RaeI know you will fall in love with Stephanie Rae as much as I did in this podcast. Stephanie Rae is an improviser, community organizer, writer who has been studying traditional and musical improv for the last eleven years. After falling in love with the form at the Washington Improv Theater, she moved to Miami, founded Negative Four Months, and created hit shows including Law & Disorder and The Laughter Games. She later joined the Society Circus Players, performing monthly in Coral Gables and in festivals including Miami Improv, Palm Beach, Countdown, and UCB’s Del Close Marathon – in which she conceived and directed a Boyz II Men themed improv show. Stephanie has taught weekly classes for Red Carpet Kids and workshops for teens and adults from around the world.

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Led by Stephanie Rae, Stephen Duncan, David Hepburn, & Alex Taylor, the Black Improv Alliance  is a community of current and future Black improvisers. They are proud to be both an independent organization and the leaders of Black & Funny: Florida. Their work has been featured by Speakeasy Theater, Bob Carter’s Actor’s Rep, Improv U, The Pack, Hideout Theater, Miami Improv Festival, Baltimore Improv Festival, Palm Beach Improv Festival, Countdown Improv Festival, Twin Cities/Black & Funny Improv Festival, Black Impact Benefit Show, John Krasinski’s Some Good News, and more! Their leadership team is based in Miami, but they perform and teach all over the world and online. These days, she directs the Black Improv Alliance, performing with Wakanda vs. EVERYBODY, HBCUnity, and The International Players Club. She also still practices law when she wants to win an argument. Learn more about Stephanie through these links: ttps://
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