Ted DesMaisons – Mindful Improv

Meet Ted DesMaisons, a beloved improv and mindfulness teacher who is internationally recognized for his work. His students describe him as someone who “teaches with clarity, creativity, and effective ritual”.  After completing graduate his MBA at Stanford Business he attended Harvard Divinity School. Ted has studied and performed improvisation across North America, including with  Patricia Ryan Madsen at Stanford, BATS Improv in San Francisco and Loose Moose Theater in Calgary, Alberta. All that experience supports a simple truth: Ted’s passion for teaching and learning leads him to share that passion with others like you.

He is the founder and principal of ANIMA Learning. You can find his thoughtful writings on improv, mindfulness, and spirituality at Anima Learning Blog. Ted and his co-host, Lisa Rowland chat about the beautiful, surprising and unruly intersection between mindfulness and improvisation at Monster Baby Podcast.Ted is part of the Applied Improvisation Network and a frequent workshop presenter (Applied Improvisation employs the principles of improvisational theatre in non-theatre settings: life, work, relationships, group dynamics, and the like. The skills and qualities that make good improv—spontaneity, presence, boldness, humility, collaboration, storytelling, and playfulness—also make great leaders and powerful teams). Check out his presentation at the AIN 2015 Montreal Conference on Improvisation as a Spiritual Practice.