Ted Waltmire – Unexpected Journey into Improv

Ted WaltmireEpisode 151: Ted Waltmire was a librarian, pianist, and community musical director until his life completely changed in 2009 when he suffered a stroke and lost the ability to play the piano with his left hand. After many years of rehab therapies his friend Dale Galiniak, who worked for him at the library suggested Improv.
He had an “aha” moment when he realized that despite his continued physical limitations, he could play improv games. He jumped in with both feet and pursued classes at Second City Chicago and landed in a writing class. When his teacher learned his story he suggested that Ted write his life story, which became a musical directed by Jay Sukow and musical director by Stephanie McCullough. Stephanie said about Ted, “He is such an impressive person. His musical abilities are outstanding.”
Ted’s story is inspiring to anyone, but especially to people who have had similar life changes. We laughed and cried and I know you will love Ted as much as I do.

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