Velvet Duke Empowers through Improv

Velvet DukeVelvet Duke is truly a multi-talented presence in the Improvisational Theatre world today. In our interview, he shares his love of theatre and performing. Here is what his improv colleagues have to say about him. “Velvet consistently works to look at things from different viewpoints and has one of the most widely accessible broadcasts I’ve ever seen.” Michelle J Gilliam. And from improv legend, Jay Sukow, “Velvet Wells is amazing! He’s a ball of fun and a very talented performer and teacher. He is such a great ambassador for, and a leader in, the improv ecosystem.”

Velvet’s artistic statement describes his vision and mission. ARTIST STATEMENT My artistry is deliberately chimeric. As an improviser, I playfully transport audiences to either safer or more dangerous versions of the world. I delight in afro-futurism, embodying empowered Black excellence. In musical improvisation, my baritone voice soothes even as I challenge societal norms. As an evocative writer and storyteller, I seek to heal myself and my communities from the trauma of white supremacy. My work seeks to be insightful and open to the insights of my audiences. This inclusive sharing is profoundly cathartic, unflinching, and gratifying. To learn more about Velvet, visit his website at: Or visit this link that has all his events and cool videos:

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