Will Hines and The World’s Greatest Improv School

Join me and meet the multi-talented musician, improviser, actor, and author, Will Hines.  Founder of The World’s Greatest Improv School   Will is a beloved teacher in the improv world. He started at UCB in NY and then LA. I really enjoyed chatting with such a relaxed and authentic person. We talked about mutual improv teachers like Jimmy Carrane and Jay Sukow.

But first, yes even before you listen to this greatest podcast on earth, check out Will’s band at Wayne & Rodney. Will wrote and recorded songs with himself and fellow improviser Joel Spence. They released an album in July 2020 called Turn It Up. Will describes his foray into rock and roll. “I was teaching myself guitar and started writing songs (despite never having really done anything like that before). I asked Joel, an accomplished musician, and a capable producer, to record them. After working on them a bit, we decided to just be a band together.” I listened to his album and it really rocks! Most folks in the improv universe know him for his book How to Be the Greatest Improviser on Earth which is one of my favorite improv books! And his newest, Pirate Robot Ninja: An Improv Fable that he co-wrote with Billy Merritt, also a UBS faculty member and a great improviser. Billy teaches at several improv schools and has a class at the Rise Theatre starting November 10 Pirate Robot Ninja   The Actor Will has been on some of my favorite shows including Arrested Development (best TV show ever made), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, and Teachers. Being present, Empathy, Listening, Brevity, Bravery We are happy to introduce our engineer, Landon Kirksey. Landon is a terrific improviser and a professional voice-over instructor and is currently teaching virtually at the Rise Theatre in Denver. I am so glad to have his talent, especially when he joins our interview! I know you’ll enjoy this interview! You might want to listen to my fascinating discussions with other improv teachers and innovators including Brian Palermo  and Daniel Dewalt *Improv Interviews podcast‘ is introduced by Susan L. Parker of yourinternationalvoice.com

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