Colin Mochrie – Actor, Comedian, Improviser & Author – Canadian National Treasure

Colin Mochrie
Colin Mochrie

My most important professional accomplishment to date is the ability to keep working with absolutely no skills whatsoever.” Colin Mochrie

An improviser always says yes and how grateful I am that the terrific Colin Mochrie said yes to sharing his story on Improv Interviews with all of us!  Colin is, of course, best known for being in the cast of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” which aired first in the UK and then with Drew Carey in the states. Colin and I met at the premiere of the film Act Social Film directed by Sean Mulvihill which Colin also stars in.  had a lot of laughs during our chat and I discovered what a genuinely authentic and loving person he is.

He shares wonderful stories of his life as an improviser, comedian, and devoted family man. Although I thought we would only have a half-hour, we ended up speaking for an hour and even playing an improv game! Check out The Alphabet Game with Colin & Margot

Colin & Margot Play The Alphabet Game from margot on Vimeo.

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Francine Wolf and Leigh Shein keep people laughing with Pants Optional Comedy on Zoom

Francine Wolf and Leigh Shein
Leigh Shein and Francine Wolf

Join me and meet Meet Francine Wolf and Leigh Shein of Pants Optional Comedy. They share their lengthy experience in improvisational theatre and tell us about how they are adjusting to virtual shows on Zoom to entertain and keep people laughing.

Pants Optional Comedy is an online improv comedy short-form show with an emcee and actors from Ohio, Florida, and the United Kingdom.  The show was conceived in May 2020 when producer, Francine Wolf of ZaZu Productions, LLC, was quarantined at home and live and on-stage acting was halted.  Having toured with a one-woman improv show, “Half-Baked Boomer,” for the previous two years, Francine thought it would be more fun to do improv with seasoned improvisers and friends.
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Howard Jerome with Special Guest Michael Golding (Parts 1 & 2)

Howard Jermome Photo

Join me and meet the incredibly likable Howard Jerome who is a walking encyclopedia of Improvisation history. Howard calls himself an actor, voice guy, and a seminar and workshop leader as well as an MC, work he has been doing for decades with great gusto. Howard’s amazing understanding and dedication to improvisation have led to 111 film and acting credits. He has worked with some of the world’s most creative and innovative minds, including Dr. Jean Houston, a principal founder of the Human Potential Movement, and the great spiritual leader Ram Dass. Howard worked with David Shepherd in the early 70s on projects including Community Makers, Responsive Scene Radio Show, Improv Olympics to name a few.

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Beth Boynton – Medical Improv Pioneer

Beth Boynton is an organizational development consultant and Medical Improv Practitioner specializing in communication, collaboration, and culture. She’s written three books on communication in healthcare including the industry-first; Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication. (CreateSpace 2017). She is currently working on a Teach Medical Improv ebook series designed to help healthcare professionals faciiltate fundamental activities in their facilities in an affordable, effective, and time-efficient way.

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Kelly Leonard – Author and Creative Executive at The Second City in Chicago

What a pleasure to catch up with Kelly Leonard, longtime Creative Executive at The Second City in Chicago who speaks with us about the power of improvisation to transform people’s lives . His book, “Yes, And: Lessons from The Second City” was released to critical acclaim in 2015 by HarperCollins and was praised by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair who called it “…an excellent guide to the lessons that have bubbled up in Second City’s improv workshops.”

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Sandra Bruce – Autism Improvised Pioneer

Sandra BruceSandra Bruce is the Founder and Executive Director of Autism Improvised, Inc., a nonprofit serving the autism community through the principles of improvisational theater. She was inspired by her grandson, who was diagnosed ASD at age 2, to find a creative, fun way to address the social challenges of autism. Because her grandson had a love for film and theatre, she suspected this area would benefit her grandson. Not coming from a theater background, she did her research, discovered improvisational acting, and was excited to discover how improv seemed to be a perfect modality to address the social challenges and rigid thought patterns of autism.

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Lenny Ravich – Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Meet the hilarious Lenny Ravich and learn about his incredible journey over the past 8 decades where he proves laughter is the best medicine. Lenny is an expert on the subject of humor and laughter through improv. Lenny facilitates workshops and presentations on the subjects of “Upgrading Your Humor Quotient as a Work Ethic,” and “Optimism For Self Esteem and Peak Performance,” throughout the world. He is the author of the best selling book, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Enlightenment.” Continue reading “Lenny Ravich – Laughter is the Best Medicine!”

Michael Golding – 2nd Generation Improv Pioneer

Michael GoldingMichael Golding has been improvising for over 40 years. Michael is a writer, director and improv teacher who studied with the “father of Improv” David Shepherd and pioneered many innovative improv programs.  Michael participated in the evolution of the Improv Olympics & Canadian Improv Games and is the  Artistic Director of the Comic Strip Improv Group in N.Y. & created the Insight Theatre Company for Planned Parenthood, Ottawa.  In addition to being a performer and coach, Michael is an accomplished writer and his book Listen Harder is a wonderful collection of essays on his journey in improv and working with at-risk youth in various settings.

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