Counseling services are available through Telehealth
and HIPAA-compliant online counseling.

 The advantage of Telehealth and remote sessions is that you can receive support from the comfort of your home and it alleviates any travel restrictions. Current research indicates that Telehealth is just, if not more, effective than in-person. The most effective factor in the therapeutic process is the rapport or connection with your therapist, and we have found that this is still feasible with Telehealth.

I am here to support you with over 36 years of experience helping individuals with anxiety disorders, addictions, and relationships. We offer Improvisational Theatre Therapy in addition to traditional psychotherapy

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Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker License #SW1708

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My Philosophy
My treatment philosophy is based on psychodynamics, gestalt therapy, meditation, and improvisational theatre therapy. Find out more

Client Focus and Treatment
The therapeutic relationship should be based on mutual trust and respect. My ideal client is from 18 to 100, who is motivated to work on the challenges they face.

I specialize in addictive disorders and dual diagnosis, family recovery issues, anxiety, depression, and grief. We are all unique but share in the human experience of stressful challenges. Read more

Classes & Workshops for Wellness
I incorporate over 30 years of experience as a counselor, speaker, and teacher in my wellness classes that use humor, play, and improv to achieve well-being. Read more

Common Questions
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