Caregiver Support

Support and Tools for Caregivers

Offering support for caregivers
Offering support for caregivers

  If  you are the caregiver of your loved one, taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your loved one.  If your health and well-being suffers, so will that of your loved one.

It is not a sign of weakness to admit you are overwhelmed, depressed, sad or need help.  Rather it is a sign of strength: that you know yourself and your limits.

Areas of Support

• Stress and Compassion Fatigue

• Understanding your reactions and emotions

• Managing behavioral signs of medical illnesses and dementia

• Navigating complex family dynamics

• Recognizing anticipatory and prolonged grief

• Assisting you to advocate for your loved one in    professional and healthcare settings

Margot Escott, MSW, LCSW has lived and practiced in Naples since 1984.  Her personal experience caregiving for an elderly parent with Parkinson Disease allows her to offer a unique perspective in helping others.

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