“I am never upset for the reason I think!” — A Course in Miracles

When facing stressful life challenges, we often have a belief system based on past experiences and perceptions that come from distorted or irrational thinking. Changing our belief systems is the foundation of my work as a psychotherapist. I use humor and laughter in treatment. Although laughter may not be the “best” medicine, it certainly helps us cope with emotional and physical stressors.


My Philosophy

With caring compassion, I hope to walk with you on the road to recovery from what is disturbing you and your loved ones today.

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Client Focus and Treatment

I specialize in addictive disorders and dual diagnosis, family recovery issues, anxiety, depression and grief. We are all unique, but share in the human experience of stressful challenges.

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Common Questions

What is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?
Do you accept insurance?
Are these services confidential?

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