John Dawson (Part 1 of 2)

I met John Dawson through our mutual friend Nick Johne from Chicago’s Second City. They had worked together at Toronto’s Second City before they both immigrated to Chicago and Dublin. His first foray into using improvisation for improved mental health was 7 years ago when he was approached to design and facilitate a series of Dramatic Arts for Wellness Workshops for D.C.U. (Dublin City University) in association with St. James Hospital Dublin’s mental health division. John’s taught his improv-based workshops in Critical thinking, Creativity and Effective Communication/Collaboration Skills for corporate and institutional clients such as Google, Airbnb, DropBox, Twitter Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, and H.S.E. (Health Service Executive, Ireland). You can learn more about John Dawson at: Email:

In part one of our podcast we talk about John’s development as an improvisor and also his connection with our dear friend Nick Johne.

He has served as writer, story consultant and script editor on many film and TV projects. He lectured on screenwriting at Trinity College Dublin and has taught acting and improvisation for over 21 years in three countries. This has included facilitating for Toronto’s Equity Showcase Theatre, The Actors Center in London, Ireland’s Animation Skillnet and Screen Training Ireland, well as for employees of Ireland’s Academy Award nominated animation companies Brown Bag Films and Cartoon Saloon. You can learn more about John Dawson at:

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