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Join me and meet Lacy Alana and learn about her innovative work with Yes and Brain. The Yes And Brain framework is the creation of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, circus artist, and improviser Lacy Alana. As Lacy spent time in the clinical, educational, corporate, and expressive arts worlds over the last decade, she recognized that she was having great success blending facets from each discipline into the others.

Lacy Alana Yes and BrainWhen colleagues asked her to teach them tools to mimic her work, she developed the Yes And Brain framework to serve as a foundational framework for work in each setting. Over the years, The Yes And Brain Model is continually refined, with specialized sub-models and training pathways for many different populations.

Lacy has a varied professional history, including working in the corporate world (with a business/advertising degree), running specialized circus and improv theatre programs for neurodivergent and at-risk youth, training educators/helping professionals/medical professionals, and working as a therapist. Lacy provides one-of-a-kind training that fuses Interpersonal Neurobiology, therapeutic frameworks, business communication, and pedagogy from improvisational theatre and the circus arts.

The Yes And Brain provide training worldwide. Lacy is based in Montreal, and the team home base includes Toronto, Montreal, Austin, Indiana, and Ottawa. Learn more at:

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