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Daniel is a delightful artist, actor, writer, and improviser that I met in a Susan Messing workshop this summer. He has taught thousands of young and old folks acting and improv and produced many plays. Daniel is one of only four people who graduated — twice— from the Player’s Workshop Of The Second City; once in 1992 and then a few weeks ago after the studio reopened.  Daniel is also a 1995 conservatory graduate of the Second City Training Center.

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DANIEL DEWALT – ABOUT HIMSELF Some of the improv troupes I’ve performed with or directed include Close Before Striking, Vorpmi Backwards, The Not As Yet Named Windy City Players, Kidz On The Bridge, and Graffiti On The Fourth Wall.  The latter two I’m most proud of and have been in existence for over 2 decades. I’ve directed and produced over 130 plays, hundreds of improv shows, dozens of films and have taught over 3,000 students the art and craft of improv as well as a wide variety of acting and writing disciplines. I am most happy within my life and work with my son, Jonathan DeWalt, and his successes with his wife, Allison Bosma.  Together they have been writing and producing team at all the major studios in Hollywood and have worked on a number of sitcoms as well as their work in films.  BUT, the number one star in the mix is the beautiful granddaughter they have given my wife, Cindy, and I – Iris DeWalt.

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