Lisa Kays Improv as Therapy

Lisa Kays

What a treat to speak with Lisa Kays, LCSW who studied improvisational theater prior to becoming a master’s level social worker. She has been using improv as group therapy and to train therapists in this exciting art form. Lisa leads Improv This, Improv That programs and groups that integrate principles and practices of various modalities to support individuals in trying out new behaviors.  

Click to Listen on Apple Podcasts Lisa believes the skills that make us good improvisers are those that make us good partners, friends, parents, and colleagues – listening, mutual support and trust, willingness to take risks, ability to collaborate, the capacity to both lead and follow and a sense of spontaneity and fun. These skills are the foundation. Improv This, Improve That improv for therapists is an opportunity to learn improv games to deepen the connection with oneself and other professionals. The program meets weekly for 2-3 hours over eight weeks and participants receive notes and materials before and after. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Washington, D.C. and provides psychotherapy to adults and couples with difficulties in the areas of relationships, trauma, destructive behavior, addiction, family-of-origin, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem. My style integrates principles and practices of psychodynamic theory, self-psychology, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology, and interpersonal work. I practice therapy with a goal of supporting you in the development of self-compassion and in trying out new behaviors, which often includes helping you to evaluate and understand current behaviors and attitudes through the lens of the past. Feedback from clients is that my style is warm, compassionate, respectful, and genuine.

Click to learn more about Lisa’s Improv This, Improve That.

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