Sam Longoria – Improvisor, Actor

What do Firesign Theatre, fasting, the original Ghostbusters, film editing and improvisational theatre have in common? Sam Longoria!
Sam made his first film when he was 14. He has worked with many Hollywood legends, on several Academy Award and Grammy nominated films and music.
Sam recommends Byron Katie’s book, “Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” which changed his life. Byron Katie. He supports Actor Richard Dreyfuss’s project, The Civics Initiative, which stresses Civics Education in America Richard Dreyfuss Civics Initiatve  Richard Dreyfuss Thank you

Sam is truly a Renaissance man (although he insists the Renaissance is over!) and he loves improvisational theatre, film editing and directing and so much more. Sam is an incredible artist and a genuine, generous soul! Find him at Sam Longoria or his   Sam Longoria Firesign Theatre Blog
If you’ve never heard of the Firesign Theatre be sure to check them out – one of the finest comedy groups ever!
I met Sam via our mutual friend Gary Schwartz, who is a recognized master coach of improvisational theatre and author of an awarding winning book The King of Average