Jay Sukow Part 2

Jay Sukow ImprovIn Part 2 of our interview with Jay Sukow, he continues the story of his improv journey and his time at Second City, Chicago. His first teachers were Stephen Colbert, David Razowsky, and Steve Carell. He describes Colbert as a joyful teacher using silly play.
In his very first class, Colbert instructed students first to “get up and walk around with a string from the top of your head to the ceiling (a variation of Viola Spolin’s Space Walk) then leading with other parts of the body.  At that point, Jay was sold and knew this was his gig!
The pandemic didn’t slow Jay down as he does most of his work online these days and loves the ability to work with students from around the globe.
Jay shares his belief in the ensemble which influenced his choice to be a teacher/coach and work with improv groups. He loves working with people who aren’t necessarily interested in stage improv, but rather in self-discovery. 
You can find out more about Jay and his classes at: jay@todayimprov.com
Or Follow him on Facebook. If you’ve never taken a class with Jay, Today’s the Day!



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