Molly Erdman Improv Superstar

Getting to know Molly Erdman was such a great experience! Her positive energy and honesty made this interview so much fun.  Her improv journey started as a little girl when she and her best friend Suzannah. They would create stories and plays and learn all the words to favorite musicals like “Annie”. One of their performances included all the songs and dances from Thriller. By the time she was in high school, she started her first improv group, which still exists to this day. She chose Tufts for college because they had a great improv performance when she visited.By the age of 31, she had met her improv goal of playing on the Main Stage at Second City Chicago.  She moved to LA to pursue acting and improv. You might have seen her in the Sonic commercials.During the pandemic, she realized she wasn’t missing improv and was burnt out. That’s when she decided that she wanted to do something else. Her sense of social justice impelled her to ask herself, “How can I help?” Molly decided to pursue a Marriage and Family Therapy Degree and is interning as a therapist at a local school, and she will be graduating in December 2023. Molly has contributed so much to the improv world and will certainly make a difference as a clinical therapist, where she can use therapeutic improv.


You may enjoy hearing from improv teachers and innovators including Colin Mochrie and David Pasquesi  *Improv Interviews podcast‘ is introduced by Susan L. Parker of

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