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Monika Ozdarska ImprovEpisode 153: Monika Ozdarska is a Warsaw-based improviser and a warm and brilliant spirit. We talked about her journey from Middle Eastern archeology to Graphic Design to Improv. She recalled the tremendous impact that the Barcelona Improv Festival had on her and thrust her into global improv. “WePolak” is an incredible performance with improviser/actor  Jeff Michalski. They have performed this show all over Poland and other places around the world and their show gets rave reviews. Like many improvisers what started as a hobby transitioned to a career. We discussed how she built her own methodology of improv from all the types of improv she studied. Finding her own voice in improv she has created a unique and fun teaching style. Monika hosts improv jams at her home, which is a welcoming and beautiful environment.  She takes special pleasure with “newbies” and the delight in their eyes when they discover the magic of collaboration and play.


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