Liz Allen – Improv Legend

Liz Allen ImprovEpisode 152: Liz Allen is truly an improv legend. She is a sought-after improv coach. In fact, for several years I’ve wanted to study with her but whenever I tried to sign up for an online class – they were full! Learning about her improv journey, philosophy and insight into this art form was truly a gift!
Liz is an improviser and teacher who, among other things, coached the improv team in Mike Birbiglia’s film Don’t Think Twice. She recently performed a solo piece, “I am my Mother” a dark comedy about her relationship with her southern mother who struggled with addiction, and how her family coped. We chatted about growing up in an addicted family and how that informed her comedy and love of theatre. We actually played a scene, and I’m so glad we did!
I met Liz through Jay Sukow. They started improv classes together over 30 years ago and remain close friends. Liz is a charming, humble, and amazing person and eventually, I will take a class with her! Enjoy this podcast!

More about Liz Allen: Visit my website where I speak to today’s leading innovators of improv. My guests are improvisers and therapists from all over the world who share their stories and offer insight into the unique ways they use improv. You may enjoy hearing from improv teachers and innovators including Colin Mochrie and David Pasquesi  *Improv Interviews podcast‘ is introduced by Susan L. Parker of

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